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Easy to build and run production applications on Kubernetes

Rancher Shared or Dedicated as a Service is designed and built for those companies who have a need to seriously run a managed Kubernetes anywhere, either On-Prem or as a Cloudless service togehter for you or with you! We take the pain and reduce the complexity of Day 2 operation and help you to focus on your Core Business needs. Through the use of autoscaling with spot instances we are able to offer you particularly customer friendly prices.

Great Features

Cloud native

Our applications are predictable and highly automated. At the same time there is a high degree of abstraction to the hardware and operating systems.

Monitoring & Alerting

Dashboards, important metrics at a glance in realtime. Rules, performing actions based on changes in metric values to get automatic responses.

Managed Service Providers

Google's GKE, Microsoft's AKS or Amazon's EKS, baremetal, setup and integration services are production approved and rock-solid.


Professional assistance to boost your success. Discover new opportunities and get more possibilities.


For DevOps professionals and those who'd like to learn about running state of the art K8s in production.


We are providing support for operation to build, run and scale critical services the DevOps way for you and together with you.


Grow better with the right plan for your environments.

Product Free Startup Business Highend
Rate Shared Shared Get 30 days free trial Dedicated Enterprise
Userlimit 1 2 unlimited unlimited
Managed Nodes up to 20
per cluster
more than 20
per cluster
Managed Cloud Managed AWS Account On-Prem,
Managed AWS Account
Kubernetes Service

Reduce Cloud Costs by up-to 90%

Reduce Cloud Costs by up-to 90%
On Premise / Cloud / / / /
Auto Fleet Spotting
High available
1 GB Memory
2 GB Memory
10 GB Storage
unlimited unlimited
Namespace types Spot Stateful Stateful Stateful
Support Public Rancher,
Kubernauts Slack Channel
Public Rancher,
Kubernauts Slack Channel
Professional Priority Professional Priority,
Dedicated agent
SLA Office hours
4h reaction time
2h reaction time
Costs per Month
Free forever
Billed monthly
get Quote
Billed monthly
get Quote
Billed monthly
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Our Mission

Rancher Shared or Dedicated as a Service and Kubernauts Kubernetes Services comes with enterpise grade Rancher Support in cooperation with Clouds Sky GmbH and its partnership with Rancher Inc.

Fully managed Rancher Server running on a Kubernetes Cluster that makes it easy for you to build additional Kubernetes Clusters everywhere and run your applications and services on top.

We make it easy for you to build and run production applications on Kubernetes without needing Kubernetes infrastructure management expertise. In brief, less time managing infrastructure and more time building applications for you.


Our Vision

Kubernauts GmbH has made its business not only to support its customers in the operation and setup of Kubernetes clusters, but also to raise them to the next Cloudless level.

In addition to extensive DevOps projects, Kubernauts GmbH is working on highly automated setup systems for multi- and hybrid cloud operation, which are available as OpenSource or can be used managed as "As a Service".

In addition, Kubernauts GmbH trains specialists in its own academy and lives according to the OpenSource mentality, so that it provides numerous information, tools and teaching materials free of charge.